2019 Summer Competition Rules and Draw.


Competition dates: 5/5/19 – TBA

Finals: TBA

Important information relating to games.

  • Please make sure players sign on before each game. Players MUST have played 5 games in order to play in the finals. No sign no play!
  • All matches played are the best of 5 sets. 5th set is up to 15 points.
  • Matches are timed to 50 minutes with a 10 minute warm up. A siren will sound at the beginning of the warm up period and again at the start of the match. The game must begin at this hooter.
  • Winner of each game will receive 3 points. Loser will receive 1 point.
  • Team to win the most sets in the 50 minute period will win the match.
  • 2 time outs are allowed by any team per set for a period of 30 seconds.
  • A set (except the deciding, 5th set) is won by the team which first scores 25 points with a minimum lead of two points. In the case of a 24-24 tie, play is continued until a two-point lead is achieved (26-24; 27-25; ...). The set must reach 13 points by any team for it to count.
  • All Semi-Final matches are the best of 3 sets timed.
  • Grand Final matches are the best of 5 sets and is untimed.
  • Sets and points will be added up in each match to avoid a draw if possible.
  • Any teams that need substitutes must do so through their team captain.
  • Teams must have a minimum of 5 players to play and 4 of these players must be from the team rostered to play. If less than 4 players from the rostered team can only play, a forfeit against them will be declared. The forfeit is to be declared at the beginning of the match by the competition manager.
  • If a team is expecting a fifth player to make the match, but this player is not present at the match start time, the team affected will loose the first set 25-0. The same team will lose the second set if a further 10 minutes passes. Exceptional circumstances will be considered by the competition manager.
  • Any A Grade team requiring a substitute can only have 1 fellow A Grade player and the other must be a B Grade player. Two B Grade players could also be used in this situation.
  • All substitute players must be registered with CCVL. If a substitute has been arranged for a 6th player then the normal team player arrives the substitute must leave the court immediately.
  • Kneepads are recommended for play and personal protection.
  • Forfeits with 24 hours notice or more will cost the offending team their match fee.
  • Duty teams must be courtside 5 minutes before each game starts to arrange roles of each player on the duty. Duty teams on the last match must pack up their court at 7/8pm.
  • Forfeits within 24 hours notice will cost the offending team double their match fee as the other team may already be there and umpire employed.
  • MVP points will be awarded by each opposing team in each game.
  • 2010 FIVB Volleyball Rules are adhered to throughout this competition.
  • Captains must sign the score sheet at the end of each game.
  • There are NO time outs in the last 5 minutes of any game.
  • In each team there MUST be a minimum of 2 females on court in any match.


   Team Number                                Team name
             1 Setters
             2 Red Devils
             3 Sally Bacon
             4 Spartans
             5 Code Yellow
             6 Kaboom


   Team Number                                 Team name
             7 Hurricanes
             8 Rebels
            9 Acers B Grade